Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Christmas Shopping

It's actually the after-Christmas shopping.

The older kids told me they don't want to buy toys with the gift Grandma sent them for Christmas. Solomon wants to save it up to buy something BIG. Valerie can't decide what she wants most. It changes from day to day, but it seems to focus on food. Pizza and burritos frequently top the list.

So I took the little ones out shopping this morning...FINALLY!

Mary was so excited to get this beautiful dress, which is also a bank. And it came with a bunch of Lisa Frank stickers, tattoos, mini notepads, hair clips, etc.

It didn't take her long to spread it out across North America and Europe!

And Mathew's two great passions are cars and robots. He ran straight for this awesome toy which is everything he loves. It's a car, robot and it's RED! Even better, he got to pay for it by himself and carry it out in a bag all by himself.

Sam had to settle for what I picked out for him. He's extremely fascinated by music and is finally getting good at NOT hitting himself in the face with his toys. So this little camera that talks and sings seemed like a good choice for him.

And when we got home he loved it. He only cried when he pushed it too far beyond his reach.
Thank you Grandma!

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